I Have to Write More.

So, yesterday I was sitting on the couch with my sister. I forgot what we were initially talking about but in what seemed a random moment, she looked up from her phone and said to me, “Crystal, I went to your site early. Why isn’t there anything there?” *Insert covering eyes emoji here lol* I didn’t have a good answer for her question. However, it did remind me of a prompting God had given me just a couple of days prior.

I had come across a video with the title “Write it Down.” I had only watched just a few minutes before getting on a phone call with a friend, a dear sister in Christ. She began to share beautiful testimony about her day. She started off with how she was able to do quite a bit of journaling and just writing while spending time with God. This wowed me because of the nudge I had just gotten from God to begin writing again. It even turned out that the same video I came across before our call was made by a woman that this friend had recently told me attended the church she had served at. She actually said so many other things that kept reminding me of recent things that God had given me, but I had not written them down.

After the conversation with my friend, and then my sister mentioning why my blog was empty, I was just like, “Ok God, I get it.” God has been nudging me to get back to me and writing is one of the things He wants me to use in order to do so. Speaking of getting back to me, this actually reminds me of yet another conversation I had with another friend. It pretty much led to this same thing and I can only smile at how God lined it all up.

Well, I’m going to do it. I’m going to write more. I have to. Writing gives you space to express, document, relax, and just be yourself. It also allows you to look back over your life and see how God is transforming you, how He’s working in you and through you, and so much more. Thank you Heavenly Father for the gentle reminders and nudging me to write again.

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